Drainage - Hamsterly Mill

At the start of this project, the site/garden was overgrown with weeds, bushes and trees and was very waterlogged due to compacted soil and water moving laterally from the neighbours garden which is on a lower elevation.

The aim of the project was to remove all unwanted shrus and trees and install an encatchment drain adjacent to the neighbouring property and two large Herringbone drainage systems covering to 200 linear meters.

Once this was complete the entire area was deeply rotorvated and 30 tonnes of sharp sand was incorporated into the soil profile to increase water filtration rates to the new systems.

Finally, the area was levelled off with 60 tonnes of graded topsoil and compacted accordingly followed by overseeding with a pre-germinated mix and a pre-seed fertiliser.

The site prior to the start of workThe Site before work began

The site prior to the start of work


The Herringbone Drainage

herringbone drainage

The Herringbone Drainage

Herringbone drainage

The Herringbone Drainage - Completed|Completed project

completed project

Competed project

Completed project

Completed project

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