Walled Garden - High Mickley

We recently were commissioned to undertake a project for a walled garden in High Mickley in Northumberland.  The work itself was extensive and involved the clearing and thinning of an overgrown woodland to encourage regeneration of trees and wildflowers.

We constructed and erected several bird- and bat-boxes and, additionally, the cultivated dead wood was left in small piles to create new habitats to encourage a more diverse species of wildlife.

We also constructed several woodland pathways and installed viewing areas to allow for quiet contemplation in a breathtaking environment. The old sloping lawn was levelled and a sunken, walled garden was constructed with formal steps to the bottom tier. Once the steps and groundwork were complete the area was turfed using medallion turf.

A large pond with waterfall was added to encourage aquatic wildlife and an Edwardian-style wall built to create a very private walled garden. Inside the garden a patio area was laid and vegetable plots were created into a formal design incorporated with box hedging. The remainder of the area was gravelled.

Finally, a gravel driveway was laid using a combination of granite setts and gravel with this design feature incorporated into the the newly levelled garden to give a continuous, formal design throughout.

Please click on the thumbnails below to be guided through a small gallery feature of the project.

A view above the pond

Pond at High Mickley

The landscaping above the pond

Landscaping above the pond


Looking down to the Sunken Garden 

Looking down to the sunken garden

Feature Landscaping showing the Edwardian Wall 

Feature landscaping showing the Edwardian Wall

Looking up through the Sunken Garden 

Looking up through the sunken garden

The Granite and Gravel Driveway

Granite and gravel driveway

One of the woodland walks

Woodland walk

Inside the Walled Garden

Walled garden

Looking Down on the Walled Garden

Looking down the walled garden

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