Example of Lawn MossMoss, when they invade a turf area, are usually found in the shade.These simple plants are unable to compete successfully with turf grass if the growing conditions are satisfactory. Their presence is an indication of unfavourable environmental conditions and poor maintenance.Shade, poor drainage, overwatering, soil acidity, infertility and compaction all contribute to the decline of the turf and favour the development of the moss.

Any remedy that improves the health of your lawn will help to control the moss, correct management in shaded areas is very important. Low fertility is a common reason for the appearence of moss which is solved with a ferilizer program suited to the needs of your lawn.

Hand raking and surface scarification are the simplest ways of ridding your lawn of moss. As it is one of the biggest threats during Nov/March a liquid treatment plus additional feed when applied will kill the moss and improve the colour and hardiness of the grass.

Before treatment

Untreated Lawn contaminated with Moss

The lawn above was in very poor condition, lots of moss and dead organic material are present, tests reveal low fertility and high compaction within the rootzone.

6 weeks after treatment

Lawn after treatment for moss.

Firstly the lawn was scarified heavily to remove all unwanted organic material such as moss, undesirable broadleaved growth and thatch (dead organic material such as old grass clippings) within the rootzone the area was then hollow - tined this process removes thatch that is deeper within the rootzone. Once this is complete a topdressing ( mixture of sand 60% and 40% soil ) is brushed into the holes created by the hollow tiner, a slow release fertiliser was incorporated into this mix then brushed in, the area was then over seeded, brushed again and left.

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