Lawncare Services

A Complete Lawn Care Service

This includes a weed and feed programme made up of four applications which you can start at any time of the year and also hollow tine aeration, scarification, top dressing and over seeding as they are required.A vertidraining service is available for the larger lawn, and a specialist wetting agent application is offered for lawns suffering from dry patch.

Garden Irrigation/ Watering Systems Installation

Gardens come in different sizes and different garden irrigation watering systems are required. New Horizon Lawncare can cater for any size or type of garden. However, in particular, large gardens can benefit from sophisticated irrigation systems that include huge water saving benefits.New Horizon Lawncare provides you with the professional installation expertise to install the systems in your garden.

Drainage Installation

One of the most important aspects of caring for your lawn is ensuring that there is sufficient drainage in place to lower the chances of water logging. If your garden is suffering from poor drainage then we can install a bespoke drainage system specifically designed to suit your garden.

Rainwater Harvesting System Installation

Rainwater can be collected using the existing roof drainage system. The rainwater is diverted from the downpipe through a filter into a storage tank.The stored water is then pumped out of the tank via a floating filtration suction unit. There is an overflow facility that will divert the rainwater to the drain if the tank is full. The water can then be distributed as needed around the garden, usually to an irrigation system and to garden taps. The tank can be fitted with a mains water back-up to ensure there is always adequate water for irrigation.

Lawn Design

A complete lawn service package is available from design through to construction and after care.


We use professional materials and the right equipment which means no problems with children, pets or ponds. It also means we are able to treat your lawn professionally in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself.

Our consultancy service offers


  • Site visits to assess current condition of turf.
  • A technical report on turf/grass condition and proposed maintenance schedules.
  • Advice on selection of fertilisers for turfgrass nutrition and pre-planned fertilisation schedules.
  • Advice on selection of new species / cultivars for over-seeding.
  • Project management to over-see renovation processes such as aeration, deep scarification and top-dressing.
  • Advice on the selection and application of chemical weed, disease insect and moss control products.
  • Advice on selection and purchase of new machinery as well as correct set up and operation of existing machinery.
  • Advice on possible drainage problems and installation of drainage systems.
  • Advice and installation of water harvesting systems


Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and a written quotation will be provided upon request.


Although our pricing will depend on the treatments and processes used on your lawn, we will supply you with a quote so that you can be confident of the cost of our services.

We will agree with you any other treatments or actions that may be necessary before going ahead. We will work with you to ensure that you are getting true value for money.

The size of your lawn will dictate the costs involved - our starting price can be as little as £15** for treatments, £45** for aeration, £65** for scarification and a standard mow £15. You'll find that this compares favourably to doing it yourself - so why not let someone do it for you? Pricing for larger lawns is even more cost effective - benefiting from reduced overheads with lower costs per square metre. Ask us about our TOTAL LAWN CARE package offering a combined grass cutting and treatment.

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