Irrigation Systems

Gardens come in different sizes and different garden irrigation watering systems are required. New Horizon Lawncare can cater for any size or type of garden However, in particular, large gardens can benefit from sophisticated irrigation systems that include huge water saving benefits.New Horizon Lawncare provides you with the professional installation expertise to install the systems in your garden irrespective of your location.

As certain counties and regions in the UK experience more rainfall than others, the automatic watering systems need to be configured accordingly. As such we will plan and install the most accurate and appropriate sprinkler system for your garden.

Types of Irrigation, Watering Systems


Installation of automatic computerised irrigation systems to ensure that the watering of gardens and landscapes is performed without manual intervention on your behalf.


We provide a variety of drip irrigation solutions and garden drips for all types of gardens. Drip irrigation is a surfaced or sub-surface irrigation that is ideal for such areas, as it replaces sprinklers and avoids water splashing as well as having an anti siphon mechanism, thus preventing flooding in lower areas.

Pop up Sprinklers:

It is imperative to setup a correct irrigation sprinkler system in your garden. Pop Up sprinklers can help to regulate water distribution to the grass, lawn and plants during the hot summer months.Each garden is individual, therefore costs vary according to your needs or requirements, such as water pressure, size of garden, number of stations, need for water tank, number of pop ups etc.

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