Rainwater Harvesting

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of enquiries regarding rainwater harvesting. It has been growing in popularity for a number of years as people have become more environmentally aware and since the introduction of water meters. People are now looking for more comprehensive systems to store larger amounts of rainwater.A wide range of solutions from 650 litre tanks, mid-sized 3000 litre above or below ground tanks, through to vast 36,000 litre underground tanks.

Why collect your own water for garden/external use?

Plants grow better in rainwater, which has a balanced pH and is -free of chemicals such as chlorine.

With the onset of water restrictions, hose-pipe bans and drought orders it makes perfect sense to collect roof water for later use. Save money, a standard hosepipe can deliver upto 500 litres per hour.

Rainwater Collection

Rainwater can be collected using the existing roof drainage system. The rainwater is diverted from the downpipe through a filter to remove any large leaf particles and any other debris. Secondary filtration occurs within the tank. The stored water is then pumped out of the tank via a floating filtration suction unit. There is an overflow facility that will divert the rainwater to the drain if the tank is full.

The water can then be distributed as needed around the garden, usually to an irrigation system and to garden taps.

The tank can be fitted with a mains water back-up to ensure there is always adequate water for irrigation.

Rainwater storage tank modular system 3x750 litres = 2,250 litres in space saving design to fit on walls and into tight spaces. Choice of colours.

KingspanWater Polyethylene Underground Storage Tank suitable for 40m² to 120m² roof areas. Suitable for pea shingle back fill in dry site conditions. (Note: for larger roof area suitable tanks are available)

If you are considering a water harvesting system for your garden please don't hesitate to call for a quote there are other systems, larger and smaller available which we can install.

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