Sports Turf Services

Over the last 35 years we have accrued the specific skills, expertise and equipment range to offer potential clients high quality construction, renovation and maintenance services for all natural turf sports surfaces.Sportsturf construction works normally consist of earthworks, drainage, soil preparation, seeding, and initial aftercare works.Key parts to this are the management of the earthworks to prevent damage to the soil structure. We always use low ground pressure equipment for soil replacement. Our team carry out any drainage installation and soil preparation, including de-stoning, seedbed fertilising, and seeding.After the seeding works, we usually carry out the initial aftercare and manage this closely to ensure a good quality playing facility is handed over to the client.

Areas covered include:

Golf Courses, Greens, Bunkers, Fairways & Driving Ranges - Construction, Renovation & Contouring. Decompaction, Over Seeding, Top Dressings, Sand Spreading, Seeding, Turfing and Primary & Secondary Drainage Systems.

Sports & Recreational Grounds. All Pitches - Cricket, Tennis & Croquet Lawns, Polo Fields and Bowling Greens.

General Land Works, Drainage Systems, Gravel Banding & Injection, Earthmoving, Landscaping, Sand Banding, Ditching for Water Engineering Projects - Lakes, Ponds & Reservoirs, Car Parks, Buggy & Footpaths

Sports Turf Renovation

Our experts will visit you on site and draw up a written renovation programme tailor-made for your specific fine turf area, to suit both your circumstances and budget. If you require specialist contract services, we can provide specialist equipment to drain, maintain and enhance fine turf areas such as football, rugby and cricket pitches, bowling greens and golf fairways and greens.We realise that every fine turf area is different. Each requires bespoke care and treatment to enhance it for the use intended.New Horizon Sports Turf Services construct, renovate and upgrade many types of sports ground facilities, ensuring playing surfaces are of the highest quality, a process that starts well below the surface.

We provide renovation services for all sports, in particular end of season maintenance to fine turf areas. We supply high quality seed using the very best grass cultivars to suit your particular requirements. If required we can also check to see which soil types would best match your sports surface so that top-dressings fully integrate with the existing soil type. On fine turf we offer thorough thatch reducing scarification and compaction relief, and the surface is luted to produce the best levels possible rather than the too often abused drag mat.Our skilled specialist teams have many years of combined experience in the construction of sports turf surfaces and are trained in both the practical and cultural aspects of sports ground construction and renovation.Whatever the size of your project,New Horizon provides a standard of service quality unmatched by any other company in the industry.

For more information please dont hesitate to contact us.

Services include:

    Deep tine aeration down to a depth of 10" Parallelogram action producing earth shattering effect Versalitile, allowing use of solid or hollow tines Encourages deep root zone growth Improves drainage and allows air into the root system
    Relieves compaction down to 10" (25cm) Provides continuous slits for good drainage Smooth operation with slow rotor speed Blades do not lift the surface or throw up stones and debris
    Opens up soil surface and improves aeration Encourages grass growth Clears out moss and dead thatched grass Restores worn sports fields and fairway
    Cast spikes punch 750 holes per square metre Very little surface disturbance Spikes tapered to accept seeds Spreads bents - fescues and rye grass seeds
    Suitable for top dressing large areas Suitable for both wet and dry materials Includes high speed finishing brush Up to 18 cubic feet capacity
    Pedestrian aeriation with solid or hollow tines up to a depth of 90mm Excellent manoeuverability for use in all conditions Breaks surface to allow water and air into grass root system

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